Berkshire Equalitea Quiz

This year, 2018, we celebrate 100 years since (some) women got the vote and 90 years of (nearly) everyone over 21 being able to vote.

The ways in which Berkshire is organised and our path to democracy have evolved in fits and starts over hundreds of years.

Going right back, we’ve had a High Sheriff for over 1000 years. One was killed at the Battle of Hastings.

How does the Monarch indicate who is to be our next High Sheriff?
They sign a parchment with a quill pen
They stick a silver bodkin through the parchment
They like them on Facebook
In 1453 Parliament met in Berkshire because of fear of the plague. Do you know where?
Donnington Castle
Reading Abbey
Windsor Castle
The military functions of Berkshire's High Sheriff were handed over to the new post of Lord Lieutenant. When?
In the reign of Edward VI because of worries of a French or Scottish invasion
By Elizabeth I to strengthen defence at the time of the Spanish Armada
By Oliver Cromwell after the Parliamentarians defeated the Royalists in Reading during the English Civil War
Reading was one of the most corrupt parliamentary constituencies. In 1754, the government candidate was promised how much to win the seat?
Which famous Victorian writer turned down a request from Thomas Talfourd that he become a Reading MP?
Oscar Wilde
Lewis Carroll
(Charles Dodgson)
Charles Dickens
Reading elected the country's first female professor - Edith Morley. She was also a suffragist. Which thing did NOT happen to her?
She wasn't allowed into Reading Station because the Prime Minister was expected on the next train
She was arrested outside Reading Town Hall for protesting while the Mayor was giving a speech
She wasn't allowed to the opening of the Great Hall because the Minister of War was frightened women may cause trouble
Who was the first woman to be elected to the UK Parliament?
Nancy, Visountess Astor
Countess Constance de Markievicz
Jennie Lee - later Baroness Lee of Asheridge
Nancy Astor, who lived down the Thames at Cliveden, was the first woman to take her seat in Parliament. Where are many of her papers held?
In a special strong room which the National Trust added to Cliveden when they took it over
In the National Archives at Kew
In Reading University alongside the Museum of English Rural Life
Over many centuries, some Berkshire towns were granted new charters, coats of arms and other rights such as markets. When did Reading get this coat of arms?
In 1215 when the Magna Carta was signed on Runnymede down the Thames
In 1680 on the Restoration of the Monarchy
In 1953 to mark Elizabeth II's coronation
What can most areas of Berkshire vote for - but not residents of Reading or Slough?
Members of the European Parliament
Parish Council
Police & Crime Commissioner
We started with a High Sheriff and we are ending on one (though thankfully not killed in battle). Can you spot the High Sheriff in this parade? Click on their nose to find out.

This quiz was devised to accompany the Equaliteas held alongside

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The Role of a Berkshire High Sheriff

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